I really like him?

He’s in the year above, we’ve been making eye contact a lot but we don’t talk. How am I supposed to get close? Ps, he doesn’t use his social media hardly at all


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  • Next time say hi but carry on walking... see if he stops to talk or says hi next time. That's if you want to be subtle. Or just outright tell him your into him and does he want to take you out. What I would have given for a girl to say she was into me.


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  • Just try talking to him in person if you can and maybe eventually u can get his number so you guys can text too😊


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  • Ok so this first talk step is different for girls and guys and i will give you the best and only advice you will ever need as a girl to use against a guy that you haven't met yet... Just go near him and say anything, say your name if you want or ask his name, talk about anything in your sights with him and he will accept you

  • Step 1: Make eye contact
    Step 2: Smile
    Step 3: Repeat until he understands or just talk to him.


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