In all honestly is There such thing as out of someone' league?

So my physical type is curvy women with nice buns, Inlikenthe booty But I am not too specific about the face. Infact, I have a very difficult time rating women from one to ten as I honestly, find most women quite good looking and only the body and other minor details that makes the difference for me. I like almost all body types. It Extremes. Problem is I have no idea how attractive I am. I have been out with girls I find attractive But it is rare. So, I want to know how attract these type of women or am I approaching out of my league?


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  • Maybe you are going out of your league

    • How Can I know If someone is out of my league? I said I like all types of faces, it is the body that makes difference physically speaking.

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    • Kiitos upea (thank you gorgeous in finnish

    • You are very welcome. If u need anything lemme know.

What Guys Said 2

  • There's no accounting for taste.

    Certainly, more people are attracted to conventionally attractive people, but you don't need to be conventionally attractive to attract others.

  • Yes.


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