Where to look for relationships?

What should I be doing or looking for to find girls who are trying to find a relationship?


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  • Go to places where there's a lot of people. Social gatherings, and put yourself out there more.

    • I never get invited to social gatherings of people my age. I can't just turn up to things I don't know exist

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    • You can try the Meetup app. There are social gatherings for everything, sports, music, games,... Just try something you like, it's easier to talk to someone with the same interests.

What Guys Said 1

  • Tbh it's dumb luck. A friend suggested I try tinder and I said fuck it even if I think it's retarded, then I met someone 2 months later who also had a friend tell them to try it. Boom, something in common. Found out we like the same music, same hobbies, etc


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