What would u do in this situation?

I haven't spoken to my sis in three years because of a huge family feud... i hate drama and i didn't wanted to deal with it... she is 31 now and depressed she isn't coming out of her room... i went to her door to offer her help... she yelled no 3 times... so i left... everyone is telling me to leave it alone and not try again.. let her come to me.. but im a control freak.. what if she hurts herself? she kinda disowned me... but I don't know... what wuld u do?


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  • Well Id say you shouldn't give up on her, but I am kind of a person who would.

    • why?

    • Thats just me. In general you must not abandon her. But if she won't let you approach her, then all you can do is wait till she wants to talk to you.

    • should i write her a letter

  • Keep loving her


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