Do girls often think of guys as lonely?

Do girls often think as guys as lonely?


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  • Based on my friends and family, they don't. They could lock you in a cage and assume you had some wild parties in there. I don't know why this is. Mine accuse me of all kind of things even though I'm just in my room or at work. I see it with other guys too. I'll come home after work with a friend and his sister's and girlfriend be like "out drinking again eh". Da hell

    • I get exactly the same, it's weird how us guys never get seen in that sense.

    • My guess is that we don't show emotions as well as they do. Like if I'm bored I'll just chill by myself but still hating it. But they won't see that I'm bored. If a girl does that though the expression is too obvious. Like scrunch face. That's my guess

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