Why does he feel awkward when teased about me?

I have a coworker who I usually get teased with. Whenever we get teased, he just laughs about it and looks at me for my reaction. However, recently, I found out that he finds it awkward when we get teased. I asked him about it and he gave me a non-committal "im' just an awkward guy" answer. Does this mean he's not interested?


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  • Could mean one of two things 1) he's into you and is looking for you to reciprocate, 2) he is looking out for you to make sure you're not offended because the teasing doesn't bother him. The fact that he says he's awkward probably doesn't mean anything because regardless of how he feels it IS awkward to many people.

    • Also the fact that this is happening at work is more awkward so it could be #2 above. It's nice that he cares about your feelings

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  • Aww, no! I am pretty sure he is shy, 99% sure and he wants to see if you would like the teasing as well (if it considers some love) because he would be pretty beat if you didn't feel the same way. And he probably is awkward! Thats how people are and just doesn't know how to respond to things well and its perfectly fine.


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  • Could honestly be shy about it i use to be that wayv

    • If he's shy about it, does this mean that i'm not his type which is why he doesn't like getting teased?

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    • Yup, he’s had two other girl friends

    • Got nothin to worry about bud he's interested in you if he's dead serious about y'all he's gonna act shy at first its normal believe it or not it happens to a lot of guys my was shy and nervus af with my first few girlfriends

  • Sounds interested to me


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