Should I ask a guy out that I turned down 2 weeks ago?

2 weeks ago I was at the gym and a guy that I had seen before came up to me and asked for my number and complimented me and so on. However, I said no because I was in the middle of working out and I felt that he was too old for me (he is 25 and I am 19). I regret it now and I really want to go out with him, but now he is ignoring me because I turned him down. What should I do?
  • Leave him alone, he would not want to go out with you after you turned him down
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  • Just smile and say hey when you walk by him
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  • Go up to him and tell him why you turned him down and tell him that you would love to give him you number
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  • Say hey and tell him why you turned him down and tell him that you would like to go grab juice or something after the gym
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  • Compliment him and ask him if he would still like your number
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  • Just start talking to him casually... maybe ask him to show you how to do a machine
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  • Walk up to him hand him a note with your number and a simple sorry and walk away if he calls you he accepts your apology if not let it go

    • I was thinking about doing that... but I just would not know what to say when giving him my number on a piece of paper

  • Ask out


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