What makes a dating profile appealing?

So i have decided to try a dating site, now i dont know how well known this one is internationally, but im on Lexa.
i'm wondering what it is that makes a dating profile appealing or a massive turn off at that.

i'll even add a image and overlay of my page, feel free to reply (keep it nice though :) )

so men, what makes you feel atracted to a profile of a woman,
and women, what atracts you to a guy's page?

What makes a dating profile appealing?


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  • Eh, I've never used any dating site so I can't be of much help here.

    • regardless, i can always count on you for a reply ^-^ thanks for your message :)

      lets put it this way, the picture i posted (i dont know if you can read it allright) is it sparking some interest?

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    • XD i am, i didn't reply a whole lot but i'm starting to pick things up again ^-^
      and you're most welcome, thanks for your support, yet again ^=^

    • Sure, np.

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  • Can’t read the image because it is blurry but proper grammar and spelling and a nice interesting bio are what attracts second. Pic attracts first

    • so the pics are somewhat visible, what about those? any good?

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