He's mad at me?

So, I'm almost 100% sure this guy likes me, and I like him back... but he hasn't been talking to me a lot recently? It feels almost like he's ignoring me. In English class, he usually sits directly behind me, but now he's an extra seat away?
I think he might be creeped out by me, or like my friend more than me. I know its dramatic haha, but this is the mind of a girl ok? Lol. My friend saw him while driving by his neighborhood over Thanksgiving break, and told him she saw him on Monday. He laughed. Later that day, I pressed my face against the printer and made a silly face that was kinda ugly in Office Aide, and she showed him. I think it weirded him out.

Since then, he hasn't said a word to me in person. In English on Monday, a guy I am definitely not in good terms with shoved me, and called me a bitch for standing in the way. Just then, he (my crush) walked up to grab his chromebook from the table we were at because he had to write an essay, and before I noticed he walked up i said, "could you just shut up?" and I bumped my shoulder into his roughly (not my crush's shoulder), and while walking off I think I either heard the guy or my crush scoff at me, one or the other. Like I know it was immature but it's not like he didn't deserve it lmao. Today, he was singing subconsiously in biology, and my friend pointed out to him that he was singing. He conversated with her, but I was standing beside her and the whole time, his eyes were on me...

Later, I was bored and so on instagram I posted on my story to dm me for a tbh or rdh, and he chose rdh. I said R 8 D I don't know H no and he said Thanks , after that he didn't say anything and he didn't like my recent post.

Do you guys think he's mad at me, or am I just overreacting? Help? Sorry if im overdramatic haha, I just really wanna make sure he likes me and stuff before I ask him out.


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  • I dont think he is mad at you. A lot of guys like me can figure out when a girl likes them. I have a similar situation, but im obviously the guy in this lol. So my and this girl in my 0 period English are really good friends, and we always walked together before and after classes. It was obvious that she liked me, when she finally told me i said that i liked her to because i actually did, but i didn't want a relationship at the time being. We decided to stay friends for now. Nkw it seems to be just a lot harder to talk to her even though we are both aware of the situation. I thought i was sending bad signals when i wasn't talking to her as much, so i just texted her the truth, that im not trying to seem like im ignkring her its just more difficult to talk to her now that we both like eachother but i didn't want a relationship, so maybe in your situation the guy just didn't think the same way i did through the process. And i would ask him out soon and if he says no then its his because you're being yourself and if he doesn't appretiate it then he's not worth it. I genuinely believe that most guys aren't ignoring a girl for a hate message, it might just be a misunderstanding, and if he can't be honest with you if you ask him about it then i say again. he's not worth it. Hope this helped๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘. I don't know if you can private message on this app i just got it but if you can and need more answers let me know๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • it did help, thank you:) its just that he hasn't told me he likes me, nor have i told him. I can just tell.. does that make it the same situation or? lol

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    • okay, i think i will in a week or two. thank you:)

    • You're welcome

  • Just ask him out! It'll probably take him by surprise, but you won't have to worry about it anymore either way


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