Have you ever pretended to like someone as a prank?

I've never had this happen to me, but I've seen people do it. They'll go through all this effort into tricking some poor bastard/girl that they like them, only to tell them that it was all a prank! They usually do the big reveal in front of a group of their friends to humiliate the person.
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  • What can I say bro? That's what I would call a "perfect" Trollollololol lol!


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  • I like how you don't say poor guy, you Say poor bastard

  • That's just messed up bro

    • I know man! I had something similar happen to me, where this kid tried to convince me that he had gotten addicted to Cocaine. He and like 30 of our mutual acquaintances were in on the prank.

    • You should have told him to prove it

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