Should I ask my crush for lecture notes? If someone asked you, would you let them borrow your notes?

So I have a huge on this guy in my class, we sit around each other but I've never had the guts to look at him in the eye, smile, or even say hi...

I missed a class cause I was sick, and I'd like to ask him if he'd mind letting me borrow his notes? I'm nervous but I gotta try to see if he's nice or not.

If someone in your class who've you never spoken to at all, EVER, asked you to borrow your notes (like take pictures), would you let them? Would you mind? What would you think?


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  • Sure. I do it often. Though if a random girl asks me out of nowhere, that's a good way to tell she's into me so you'll reveal your crush.

  • Nothing special in this case its just a notes


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