Guys some advice in texting boys haha?


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  • Mum I would say send a lot of pictures. It's less boring and guys are visual. They honestly just want to look at you. by the way jvansickle28 wants them nudes. Hell probably ask for your snapchat. If he hasn't already. Good luck kiddos.

    • Gosh why are so stupid people in this world

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    • You and you friend idiots

    • I assume your taking about me being a man and all my male friends that I don't have because I'm working a full time career. I don't know how to not sound rude about this but you shouldn't write off everyone as stupid, it prevents you from seeing there true motives. And it can kinda piss a lot of smart people off. but honestly good luck, I hope your problems become resolved. Sorry I couldn't help

  • Just be yourself, if he doesn't like it, find one that isn't a douche.

  • Well first you should be able to know how to i mean your 20 second message me if you have questions. i can answer them for you there


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