Smoldering hottie messaged me?

Some super hottie, of utmost babetry, messages me first on a dating app. I reply with an enthusiastic but typical response, just to keep it cool, ya know, and nothing? 🙃 Am I not worthy?


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  • Prolly sound too lame.

  • Maybe she was unimpressed with your reply. She's probably got several guys messaging her, so you have to say something to really grab her attention. Also, a lot of guys send out the same message to every girl and think we aren't onto it, so if the message you sent didn't include anything about her specifically, she may have assumed that's what you did. Try again.

    • Oh, you you gotta say something about HER, even though she gave me a very generic greeting too? Wowww.

    • Welp, since you gave us little to no information about the exchange, I'm not sure what answer you were looking for. I tried to help you gain perspective and advised you to make another attempt with the girl. Seems you just want someone to tell you it's not you, it's her. Good luck.

    • See Kkaos comments and responses, it was just a light exchange all round. And I mean, if you don't know each other, what do you expect ya know? I'll keep replying, the girl just needs to put in the effort.

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  • What did you say to her? There's probably some things you could improve on.

    But ultimately don't worry, it happens all the time. Sometimes it's not a genuine person, sometimes they're just bored and message and then they get busy and don't bother to reply.

    • Just something like "hey, what's going onnn?" Like what am I supposed to say? Lol

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    • Yeah, true man. Different personalities. I feel comfortable saying things like that because I just enjoy talking nonsense around women. But yeah, you've got to act in a way that conforms to your personality.

    • I'm doomed man 😆 I don't know lol

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