Should I be mad or am I overreacting?

So this guy I’ve been dating and sexually active with has been wanting to know how many partners I’ve had in the past. He said it’s somwthkng important everyone should discuss. So I told him mine was 5 and I asked his, and after trying to pull it out of him he said he lost track over 30. I was sooo mad. And he apologized and said that it’s in the past Nd he wants things to work out with me. Like did I have a right to be mad or do I have to just let it go since it was in the past before I met him?


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  • Why are you mad at him tho? Not saying you can't be. Just, i feel like in order to answer if you should or not, might help to know what part of all of this is generating your anger

    • That he’s had sex with so many girl and now me.. it kind of disgust me. I don't know

    • So are you more mad or revolted?

    • Not to be rude but u had sex with him- and didn't think to ask that question before u were that intimate with him.

      Good rule of thumb as the intimate questions before u Hope into bed with someone. "Never have I ever game helps"

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  • Question would be are u in a committed relationship bf/gf or just dating (big difference) just make it clear that u only date one person at a time and won't tolerate sleeping around. And yes what's in the pat is in the past u can't judge him on that. I would request to see STD test before sleeping with anyone- tho just rule of thumb now a days.

    • Also need to factor in his age and when he lost his virginity

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    • I think judging people on the past is both natural and warranted, just dont be blind in your judgements, take into account changes and growth in character, as well as reasons for actions and general contexts tho.

    • But i have no issues saying that a 21 year old person with even half that many sexual partners would be a near guaranteed deal breaker. A persons "number" in contrast to their age is a very substantial sign of what their personality is

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  • He brought it up. He may have wanted to tell you so you can be open with each other. That's a good sign.

  • Tell him its a tradegy and the comedy is all the men on earth


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  • And you take this hoe seriously?

    • As in dating? Or him being serious about being with that many girls? Because both yes lol

    • Lol the thing is he’s the one who says it’s important yet he’s the one who’s been promiscuous in the past.

      If it were me I wouldn’t take him seriously, dating-wise. Maybe I’d just keep him as a friends with benefits or whatever

    • I’m sure if the number of sexual partners switched (if you went past 30 and him 5) he’d rage. Observe the double standard

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