Girls, Do I sound like someone you would date if I was 18?

I’m down to earth I’m smart I prefer to use my brain over brawn I prefer to make love to a woman by treating her to a home cooked dinner a movie cuddling I believe in equal partners so that means I will do everything my partner would do for me and I’m not overly sensitive but If she wants to talk about her feelings then I’m down with it. And I’m willing to do anything for her


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  • yes i would date you if not already taken haha, its a good profile.
    I sugest change "make love" to "show love" though is less confronting sounding.

    • Actually never had a girlfriend because when I went to school always kind of a introvert but when I’m with someone I love I become an extrovert

    • I ment i was taken 😅, but ok and yeah same here I'm pretty quiet but not around my boyfriend

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