Would you be offended?

I’m a guy by the way. Lol.

I heard this girl who always stares at me say I’m cute to her friends, then soon she said oh he’s not that amazing.

Would you get get offended by that? I think it’s a bit rude - like fuck of then.
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What Guys Said 1

  • It's obvious she likes you but doesn't want to be the kind of girl who wants to disappoint herself if she builds you up to be this absolutely perfect amazing person. Seen that happen many times where a girl builds the expectation only to be let down.

    • I totally agree because if nothing's gonna happen, then she wouldn't like to think of him like 'the perfect guy that didn't even look at me'
      If you get what I mean you know it's kinda complicated

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    • Well yeah if she didn't like you she wouldn't be looking at you. Or taking about you with her friends. You know we girls talk about our crushes a lot with our friends
      And yeah you should ask her out if you like her.

    • Exactly what bothers me is people who either don't take the risk and only think about what could go wrong. Or people who take the risk and do a half arsed approach to the situation. If you're going to do it. Do it with confidence and enjoy the experience. She knocks you back shake it off and keep going forward. She isn't the only person in the world

What Girls Said 2

  • Reaaaallyy depends on context and what she answered with this.

  • I would be flattered


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