How do I stop over analysing over someone that could potentially work out between the two of us?

So I have been talking to this great guy so far, we seem to be really hitting it off. We have a lot in common. We both like each other and like talking to each other. We have talked on the phone a lot and been talking to him for a month but just started talking on the phone recently. I am overthinking on things like, is he my type, am i going too fast with him. Should we be talking this way so soon. I feel comfortable with him so far. I've been told every relationship or situation is different with everyone. I'm going based off how my siblings relationships are and thinking everything else is bad.


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  • Just go out with him, cuddle, hold hands, kiss, etc. Every physical advance will test both of you and how comfortable you two are around each other. Then just continue being with each other as long as you can. Now I'm not saying to be clingy but to have a long lasting relationship. You'll just have to find out for yourself. Relationships are risks and rewards. So you'll just have to get out there and just go with it unless you feel unsafe. Then stop and leave/move on.

  • See, first, everyones'relationship is different so don't think are we going too fast etc.
    Second, overthinking is common problem with intelligent people.. and overthinking means you are thinking that what he might be thinking for you.. so stop thinking that.. it only ruins your time.. just enjoy the moment..

  • So what is the question?
    There is no set time or path for romance to blossom.
    I have had a long term relationship that started by talking in a club, met next day for lunch, screwed each other senseless for 6 weeks and dated for 2 years.
    Another started with meeting regularly but usually with friends around for 3 months before we kissed and even then another 5 weeks before we got naked...


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