Why are so many guys who are irresponsible with their words and actions?

I met many guys who say A, but act B.
Theyre inconsistent, no integrity, irresponsible and act like coward. Afraid of this and that.

A man said he will never want to hurt me, he hurt me eventually.

Other man said he looks forward to meet me, and he didn't say anything and cancel the date with silence, and did it twice!

And then other man said he will chat me soon, but it has been 1 week, we has not chatted me

I am so so tired with these kind of guys.
I am really tired.

What should i do.
Why is it so hard to find a man with integrity.
Who has his words, keep his words.
Being responsible with every word he says.

I want to give up.
I am fed up meeting guys like that in my life.


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  • Hit me up and try me. 😊
    I'm man of my words

  • If you like my response, I'll reply to you. 😇


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