When did you transition from the insecure stage of "I'm not sure if he/she likes me" to the "I definitely know they're into me" stage of dating?

Basically, when did you begin to realize people that are actually into you, are into you, rather than playing the guessing game like most adolescents do in their years when trying to figure out if someone likes you?

Right now, I'm still in the in-between stage.


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  • ... it took me 3 dates, and I was still surprised his interest was just on me on the 4th date when he asked to be official.


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  • its either after the first date or the first time I hang out with a girl, if she opens up to me and tells me private things that soon then it most likely means she feels comfortable around me


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  • Even after they admit they like me I'm still not sure as to WHY and if they're even sure about it 😂


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