He's great but im craving something much more?

So I've been with this guy for a month and he's great what I need treats me right something I need considering all the assholes I dated. But there's this side of me who's very seductive and loves to mess with guys and drive them crazy by tension I mean like sexually especially older guys, I've always had this way with them knowing what they want leaving them wanting more or craving me and having them in twined with me.. and I know that makes me sound like a bitch but I mean no harm just fun.. so at my new job there's these guys who caught my attention and I have theirs and one is in his late 20s who's a baby daddy, one who I have yet to learn about and the other just crossed off my list considering he has a girlfriend and I know my boundaries which goes back to my Boyfriend I guess he's great I don't deserve him and I don't know why I'm this way but he's so clingy and there's nothing wrong with that but I'm a bit out there for him more than he can handle I've always been very seductive at a young age loved how woman had this power to drive a man crazy, yeah I've been in love yes I'm capable of loving haha but I have cravings and my boyfriend is so set caught up in the future and loves me so much it kinda turned me off I guess. It's only been a month so I feel it's kinda early for all of that, but I don't want to hurt him and I don't know what to do because I know he's what I should have but like I said there's this other side of me I can't fully contain.


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  • Honestly you have two options. Get a hold of yourself and keep going with him, or break up with him. None of these have to happen this instant but these are the only ways out of this.

    • The truth shall set you free. Tell him how you feel about things and see how he responds to it. What you should have, is what you want. Just be honest with yourself and him. Trust me, living as someone other than your true self sucks!!

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