Girls, Girls , what you gonna do if you knew that guy you dating him has 4 inches pienis size?

One of my friends says “ I will laughing at him “
My ex has 7 inches , do u think this guy with 4 inches can please me?


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  • Ok. So sexually speaking 4 inches might leave you unsatisfied when he is actually penetrating you.
    But there are so many other ways he can give you pleasure other than with his penis!
    Two hands and a mouth goes a lot way and can sometimes feel even better than actual penetration. Most of us woman don't even get vaginal orgasm.
    So no, it shouldn't really matter! Especially if you like the guy.

  • Im seeing a guy with a small penis. I don't know how small it is tho, but maybe a bit bigger than 4 inches. he's actually one of the best guys I've ever slept with and I've experienced all kind of sizes xd

    • If you stop focusing on his size then yes ofc he can please you. Just chillax and have a good time

  • You wouldn't stick around long

    • Why?

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    • Not virgin , my ex has 7 inches

    • then you will be sorely disappointed

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