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Okay so, I've been seeing this guy lately. I saw him talking on the phone and he seemed kinda mad/sad. After awhile I texted him and I asked him if everything was okay, he said "sorry, I'm not in the mood tonight" and I said "okay, sorry for bothering you". He hasn't replied. Why do I think it's an excuse? I constantly think people can't wait to push me away, I think he doesn't like me and that soon he's gonna end all of this. I'm just scared, I feel like sometimes I'm too attached, I've been almost texting him first lately because I always do what my heart tells me to, but sometimes I just feel dumb, I feel pressing. I'm way too jealous and insecure because of past demons I can't let go of. What do you think?


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  • He could genuinely be pissed at something. Not much you could do but be patient and supportive. I know if I was mad after a call, I would want my girlfriend to be caring and supportive towards me. Maybe he'll let you know what happened at another time.


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  • GIRL WAKE UP !!! You should move on... and remeber u deserve better !! There are 7 billion people out there honey!! DONT LET YOUR SELF DOWN BECUZ OF A BOY!! You are strong u can get through it !! Be confident and dont let him let u down !! Be a boss !!! U GOT THIS GIRL OKAY?

    • But he usually doesn't act like that. I mean, we've been hanging out and so, last night we spent so much time together and he couldn't get his hands off me. I don't get his behaviour now. That's all

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    • I know how u feel but ur a girl and ur feeling are much important than him !! Love yourself!! If ur bothering him then just accept it and move on

    • Thats what i did and it was really good

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  • you sound like me haha, if he doesn't like you and he wants to end it so be it, it would never have worked anyway, that truth allows me to chill out maybe it will set you free too. As long as you are acting out of fear the relationship will grow shittily

  • Just relax, ok?
    He's probably just in a bad mood.
    If he likes you, he'll be fine soon, and you get back to talk like normally


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