What's the average age of getting into a relationship?

I'm getting kinda scared that I will not get into a relationship until I'm at like 25 or something. No offence to all the older people that hasn't had a relationship. But I'm scared of becoming one. I have found someone I like but the whole situation is complicated.


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  • I’m 19 and I’m just starting to get into a relationship and it’s honestly really weird for me because I️ don’t really know what I’m doing, I️ think it’s just something that randomly happens because I️ wasn’t really looking for one

    • How odd that it just can happen. 🙂 I really have to struggle it feels. Best of luck to you. Hope it turns out well

    • Thanks hope everything turns out good for you too

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  • Do it when you're ready, there is no rush.


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  • What's the difference between being in a relationship and just with someone you like?

    • Intimacy. Sound stupid but I'm thinking about hugs kisses possibly sex. Deep talks and generally romantic settings.

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    • I get emotionally invested pretty easily in people. I just have this sorta craving to have someone to stand me close. (Not being alone so to speak) but I think I could have a girlfriend without sex. Just intimacy

    • For getting a relationship, I figured out the secret sauce:

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