Should I tell this guy I’m not interested anymore? He plans things sporadically?

I don't know something about him doesn’t feel right.
I’m trying not to over think.

so we went on a first date for coffee.
he seemed like a wholesome guy.
He didn’t pay for my coffee.
Talked about how he’s trying to date because his girlfriend of 3 years cheated on him.

first date went nice and he asked to see me again.
I told him days and then he vanishes for 2 days. But he messages me on Snapchat. Then sporadically last night at 11pm he asked if I wanted to go ice skating before he met with his friends the next day. I told him I had school and I had to run errands. He said catch you next time then. After that he messages me saying he wishes he could cuddle with me. I ask him well did you want to ice skate tomorrow. He says he can’t bevause that’s when all his friends are available.

Which im ok with but I don't know something is off. Like he’s not courting right. Should I tell him I’m just not interested then? Or is this considered normal for dating? I’m new to the dating phase.
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  • Either you're interested or you're not. Forget about this 'courting' crap, when he asks you to if you want to hang out, do you feel like seeing him or not? If you don't feel like seeing him, tell him that.

    • I do.
      I told him I was available Tr/Fri. 4 days ago because he told me he wanted to see me again and I told him the same. Then he vanished so I just went on and planned all my errands on Thursday. Then he messaged me Wednesday night very late to clear my schedule and I told him I can't. But he just disappears randomly and then pops up asking to see me. I just dont want to look like a fool again because something happened similar before.

    • I see what you mean. Probably best if you let him know that you're busy and if he wants to see you, he's going to have to give you a few days notice or a weeks notice, whatever you prefer. That's a pretty fair request on your part.

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