Why men run away from me?

I'm 20 years old. I have never had a boyfriend. I had one night stands, two night stands, and went on dates with guys, sometimes it was just 1 or 2 sometimes more, but usually just 1 or 2... I just don't get whats wrong with me. Mostly I'm having good dates with chemistry, and after a while men stop contacting me. If I'm interested in someone, I'm not afraid to ask them out, so its not like im some princess nobody can get. Most guys I dated are from Tinder, in the real life men dont really approach me, only on parties-these men usually dont want a relationship.
I just dont get it whats wrong with me? I'm not ugly, fat, stupid or something that would be that repelling. But I always get ghosted... In this early stage of dating I might do sg wrong? I'm always trying to seem interested but not too desperate. I just dont get this. If the date was bad or I didn't feel any connection, I get it, but sometimes after great dates with joy, laughter and connection, and chemistry, they are gone...


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  • Just take it easy. haven't you got any plan for your future to concentrate on and enjoying your life by following that? i'm 24 years old i have the same problem. I can't find a dreamy girl with my favourite qualities (i don't wanna talk about her sex appeal or something like that), someone genuine, open minded, adventures... so i'm still alone and i don't blame myself about it. Because the most important things about relationships are sence of belonging.


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  • No, nothing is wrong with you. Guys like to test women. Also, to get the results you want you'll have to sort through the ones that are just browsing and not looking for long term

  • Looks like they somehow feel that you are night stands kind of girl.

  • Probably because tinder is just full of guys who are looking to fuck and nothing else

    • That's a lie. That's a common misconception too. Most of my friends met their girlfriends through tinder. Tinder is way more difficult than it looks. It's not just like you swipe right and fuck. Statistics show 95% of the time guys don't even get the girls number if they match. Tinder is more like speed dating, but that being said there are some players and there are methods to get a girls number fast. I've got a few numbers from tinder, haven't met up with them though, and I'm a long time tinder user. She needs to make it clear she wants a relationship to weed out the immature guys.

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    • Tinder is really harsh towards guys. They get only 1% of the matches girls get on average. I'm trying to improve my tinder game, so I've been doing a lot of research and practicing with it a lot. Tinder is a skill for guys. Seriously.

    • @slub20 lol I will never figure out that skill then

  • If relationship is your goal, don't offer sex, offer your personality

    • I think you didn't understand the question

    • My bad, I stopped reading half way.
      There could be a reason but it could also be nothing. In every case, stay true to yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

  • 2 night stands? Meaning you boned 2 dudes in the same night?😂


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