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So I'm interested in this guy, and I didn't respond to his message last night as we were talking about jobs and I said "that's a demanding job" and he said "that's exactly what it is" and then I just left it and didn't respond... he didn't message me today. We have another date setup next weekend, and so I sent him one now saying "hey, how was your day?" Do you think he's disinterested in me? He said he really enjoyed our last date. But don't you think if he really liked me he would've sent me one today? Or do you think he's trying to be respectful?


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  • Well talking about me, it's not because he is ignoring you or he didn't like our last date or something that causes him uncomfort, you can think that he is trying to save themes to talk you personally, or in my case he is just being lazy and since he knows he is going to be with you again he didn't really have that much importance to message so he's just lazy xd


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  • I know this sounds so cliché. And that some men are not like that but let him room to chase you!
    Dating is a game. Even though most people hate it, it really is a game at first.
    Don't initiate conversation for a couple of days. Let him come to you.
    If he doesn't... well do you really want to keep seeing someone so disinterested in you that he doesn't take 2 seconds out of his day to write to you or to respond? I don't think so.
    But again, I don't know the guy. Maybe he doesn't want to seem clingy and keeps contacts to a minimum.
    I don't know.
    But if I were you I would let him desire to talk to you. Do you often write to him first? I swear if you stop doing so, he will start to wonder why you aren't doing it anymore and he'll be the one starting to think you might be losing interest and normally he'll then step his game up and come to you!


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