What's his deal?

Been talking to a guy for like two weeks now. We met online. He's a year younger than me and he said his last relationship was like a year ago. Ever since we started talking he hasn't stopped mentioning that he wants to date me and wants to really give it a shot. I on the other hand keep telling him I am not emotionally available. And you cannot rush things if we've only talked for days. He says he'll be patient and to my comfort, he'll ask in months again. He has said that his main purpose is to be in a relationship with me because he likes me. But he hardly knows me (not that I am a bad person or anything), but I like to take my time to date someone. Especially now since I have a child. And yes, he said he will also take responsibility... but I am not telling him to do so at all. From the days we've been talking, I can tell he's a hard worker and hasn't been disrespectful. He has a job and a passion to play Yugioh cards (he's 22). We do have many things in common which makes him even more infatuated with me. But I feel as if he's rushing things and feels desperate but he says it isn't like that. He says he's sincere and says what he feels in his heart. I do not want a relationship atm. Plus, it would be a long distance relationship because we're in different countries. However, he has said that he is able to come and meet me. But again, to me it seems like he's rushing. And I told him I am not fond of a long distance relationship. I got out of one a month ago (he knows). I told him I do not want to experience any other long distance relationship and he says to not say that. What can I do? Does he know what he really wants? Help.


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  • Your relationship will be over before it even begins. You’re wasting time on this one. You dont know each other. there's too much literal distance between you. And there's going to be some cultural differences that you may not enjoy.

  • It's obvious to me.
    I have been in a sort like situation. Buy i did not mention having a relationship with the girl. Instead we knew each other for almost 2 months.

    Finally we met irl after 2 months (she was like 2h away from me). When we met, we were a good match.

    However, that was the only time we met because aftet that she explained to me that she didn't like the distance. I respected her and i left it like that.

    In your situation, he should've respected your decision and he clearly didn't. So my advice to you is that you make it clear needs to respect it or you won't like it and you won't get along.

    • I don't want to be mean because I really want to be friends with him and get to know him more. But no rushing things.

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    • Thank you! I will!

    • Goodluck and enjoy love ♡

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