Help, I think she lost intrest but I never knew if there was any? but I really like her?

so there is this girl who at first she would always initiate a conversation with me because i was shy and after awhile i would start iniating with her, as time passed i added her on sc and would try to start a sc convo w/her about everyday, but recently she wouldn’t even open my snaps until our 92 day streak was lost, near the end of those 92 days she also quit sending selfies and sent moreso scenery snaps, and recently it seems as she has has huge crush on a guy who i doibt likes her back, but the more interest she starts showing in him the more discouraged i get, recently i haven’t talked to her face to face or through sc for a few day it still says i’m one of her sc best friends, but this other guys like her number 1 boyfriend on sc, what can i do? what would make a girl regain interest in this situation, i really don’t want to give her up? i tried to look at other options by now and they aren’t so great especially in a smaller high school help?


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  • Sounds like she might not have had interest and was already trying to let you know subtly. By a smaller high school, how many people are in a grade? There should be a lot more options out there.


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