I need some advice?

Okay so my girlfriend and I broke up a while back but we've talked about things and we've been talking about making things work between us but I've started getting some feeling for a girl I go to school with. Her and I talk every so often on Snapchat and we're both going through a lot of the same things and I don't know what I should do. Any thoughts?


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  • Wow. Well, what is more important to you, getting back with your ex or pursuing this new girl? On an emotional level, do you want to get back with your ex or does this new girl catch your attention more?

    My thoughts are, you have a choice to make. I can't really suggest anything other than you need to do some soul searching and you don't have to make this choice RIGHT NOW! Take your time, talk to this new girl and your ex, and figure out which choice would be best for you. Don't play games by playing both of their hearts when only one will have most of it.



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