I thought this girl was acting sketchy so I started ignoring her, but she keeps texting me and it's been a couple days should I respond?

To give some background she sent me a text Monday night she saying she was dressed up sexy and asking if I wanted to see. Then I said yes and she replied something like ok are you ready? She lives about 4 hours away and I figured she meant to FaceTime since it was rather late. So I replied sure and I heard nothing back. She wrote me the next day saying she was sorry she had to leave and wanted to chat again. We normally text a bunch throughout the week but I've been ignoring her messages since then and I'm not sure if I should reply at all since she's done this before and I think its kind of sketchy and could imply that she left with another guy. However in the past she has told me that her roommates are really conservative and that she feels like she needs to hide herself from them when they come home. I also know for a fact that she freelances so sometimes she gets called into work at the last minute. When we've hung out in person she seems really nice and polite but I could be mistaken and maybe she's really a player. To be honest it just seems weird although part of me wants to trust her and make up but I almost wonder if I should let her go? I really really like her or it wouldn't be so difficult for me to figure out
I should mention it was late for me, but still early evening for her we live in different time zones


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  • I think you're overthinking and casting aspersions for no reason.

  • Geez glad she played into that stereotype - ignore her and she’ll start begging for your attention 🙄

    • You think I should keep ignoring her? For how long?

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