Does anyone else feel the urge every year to be dating someone around newyears?

I don't know why, but every year around november/december I really want to date someone. I guess I just want someone to spend the holiday with I don't know But I'll almost feel tense about it.


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  • Yes! i've been single for the longest period since i've been dating and its going to be lonely this year lol.

    • I’ve been single my entire middle school and high school years my friends have all had 3-4 girlfriends every semester so I mean they still bitches for being manwhores

    • @Greaver Is 16 your age? i'd barely even kissed a guy then.. you got plenty of time.

    • Yea I’m just playing my future out in
      My head to see what path is the best path to take

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  • Combo of society, cold weather, and advertisements I would guess. It happens to a lot of peeps.


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  • I feel the urge to be dating someone - PERIOD... I have yet to go out on a first date, have a boyfriend, or be kissed. but yes, especially around the holidays I tend to feel it more

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    • It’s good to know that males aren’t just idiots there are still some that think and care about women

    • @Greaver agreed!

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