Should I stop dating career women?

Maybe someone has a similar experience as me. I've had trouble with all of my past gf's and they have all ended for similar reasons (all the long term ones). I have a PhD, and my field requires me to move around somewhat frequently for my career. All of my LTR's have been with a girl who has a MS or PhD or BS and who are career oriented. I find this attractive, but inevitably when I am required to move they don't want to because they don't want to leave their jobs. Should I start looking for women who don't care about careers? I find it attractive when they do and end up gravitating towards that quality tho... ah. Frustrating.


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  • Hmm, I mean it’s hard to leave in the first place if you’re not even married it’s a lot to risk, maybe pop the question? Lol

    • ha tried that on one of them and still didn't work. its always they want me to stay for their careers and i want them to move for mine

    • Then they’re not good for you. You always gotta sacrifice once in your relationships, you can find another job if this man is worth it.

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