What is your dating outlook or perspective?

1// Do you lay it out all out on the line early on, with the notion of "This is me, who I am, what I'm about, take it or leave it"

2//You feel it out and slowly reveal things about yourself?

I know plenty of people who fall into both schools of thought -- what is yours?


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  • i do a mixture of both. I get to know someone a little by hanging out with them a lot and if I feel like they are into me enough, and I could see some kind of a future with them, I lay it all out there. then they can take it or leave it. I wouldn't just put myself out there for someone that I didn't already have some level of trust established with.


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  • I do number 1. this is who I am, take it or leave it.


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  • I myself use a mixture of both,but there are somethings that say right up front. first thing I'm not your puppet I'm your potential boyfriend,secondly I have the right to say yes or no when you ask me to do something.third my hobbies are my hobbies I don't wait around for you to call I playing video games or reading a book or working out it rude to just drop what I doing I don't ask it of you so you shouldn't ask it of me,and last but not least at any point that she feels less than love we can talk about it or we can break up but I not going to play the waiting game for you either we together or were not there is no in between

    • Jeez those are a lot of rules straight up front lol I understand following those rules and living your life as such, but I'd be put off if a guy actually said them to me right away. Seems like you're a little bitter.

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    • Ah, you learned well, grass-hopper.... LOL I am joking, dude...


      Let me hit you this way.... The f*cking problem with the little boys and little girls that call themselves adults is the fact that they believe that they can fake their way into eachother's underware. Then once their mission is accomplished, their "real personality" rears it's ugly f*cing head, and the other person says dumb sh*t like "(S)he changed..." No, they did not, you were fooled by an illusion!

    • I condone and commend what my friend, afrolejin, said here. IT IS THE METHOD I ABIDE BY FOR MOST OF MY LIFE! I do not play games with other people's emotions. People have the perverted idiocencrancy of thinking the best way to "charm" the opposite sex is to pretend they are what they are not. I will give you my true persona up front. I know I have a lot about myself, other things tend to be an overload to a woman (especially american women) so I give out sparringly.

  • I used to do 1, in theory you are supposed to do 2.

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