Why does this guy constantly smirk at me when I rejected him after we went on a date?

I went on a date with this guy, who turned out to be dishonest about details like his age etc and he tried to play games with me.
I told him that I am not playing his games, and I don't want to see him anymore. He's a nerdy type of guy and apparently he doesn't many girls in the first place... but I think this is because he's a dick. He was very interested in me though, and called me beautiful and wanted me to be his girlfriend etc etc. I was interested in him initially too.

But now, every time he sees me he has this creepy smirk on his face and kind of laughs a bit.. why does he do this? It has been a while since it happened.


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  • He's just trying to look like a dumbass, ignore him, but for your own safety be careful also, this guy sounded a little shady to me, don't be afraid to punch him in the face if needed to.

  • Either he is just trying to show off, or he has somehow got possession of your explicit pics. If it is not latter, then just ignore him.


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