I like my friends brother?

She’s one of my closest friends, and recently I’ve started going to church with her, and going to her house, I went to the beach with her youth group, and ofc her brother was there. Him and I have never spoken so much! It was great, we (him and I) laughed, played sport, ran down the beach, went swimming, some of this stuff ofc included my other friends.
We also found out we have the same taste in music. Like almost EXACT.
He looks over at me a lot, especially after he’s done something super cool, or something really stupid 😂
He’s so funny, nice, super gorgeous... and 2 years older than me.
No one knows I like him. Also! Another twist; my BEST friend had a huge thing for me until she found out he didn’t like her.
What on earth do I do?
I can’t date my friends older brother, I can’t date my bestfriends old crush, Can I?
Also: after what I explained, do you think he might like me too?


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  • In a good friendship you have to talk to your friend about her brother and that you have a thing for her. Not as a means for her to kinda couple you two, but to ask if she is ok with it.

    If she is ok, make your move. If not, then you have to make a decision between crush and friendship.

    • It’s just that when this happened with my bestfriend, the girl told her brother, which is what I don’t want to happen to me unless I know he at least finds me attractive

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    • I’d rather have a friendship with him than nothing at all, he gets pretty awkward around people that have crushes on him that he doesn't like back like that. I really enjoyed spending the day with him today, I don’t want that to end because he doesn’t like me like that

    • Trust me, you don't. "Let's just be friends" is a farce, if you are still crushing on a person. It is essentially dragging you down constantly and keeping the hurt of it constantly. It's better to know the truth. No matter if its a positive or negative truth

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  • That's a tough one I've had that once with my friends sister I don't really know what to say but if you're gonna go for it id ask your friend first or risk losing her and having the chance of getting him. Good luck to you

  • Not 'choice'

    Unless you talk with your bestie and have her permission

  • You can do it 🙂

  • Hey sorry for the random question but why do girls wear shorts under their skirts and dresses :(( I noticed most girls wear shorts underneath them :((

    • I don’t, but girls do it so they feel more comfortable when they sit down or bend over and stuff, or if their dress or skirt flies up


    • Any particular reason? I’m really desperate for reasons to stay away rn, because I like him so much

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    • That’s exactly what I said to my bestfriend as well... wow my life is a mess

    • im telling you, stay away, you'll regret it otherwise

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