Dating Dilemma: Who to choose?

I've been dating a girl for roughly 3 months and I really like her. However, I don't trust her at all. She cheated in her previous, long-term, relationship and is very shady with me. I want to take things to a more serious level with her, I think, but I'm worried about doing so. I should add that she's very unreliable and avoids talking about this kind of thing with me. It gets worse: we haven't slept together in some time now.

So, somewhat hypocritically, I recently began dating another girl (obviously neither knows about the other). She's a nice girl and fun to be with; I don't distrust her or doubt her. However, I'm not sure that I could see us together in the long-term.

What do I do?


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  • Date girl number 2 and break up with first girl.

    • I'm leaning towards that.

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    • I agree and that's exactly how I'm thinking. Thank you.

    • Your very welcome. Good luck with everything.

  • Trust your heart it never leads you astray

  • Stop seeing the girl that cheated. Once a cheater always a cheater


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