Guys, Were you nervous about your first kiss?

Like I know that most girls are really nervous about their first kiss

are guys too?


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  • I still remember the very first. 1st grade and her name was misty, I though I would grow up and marry that little angel.

    But if your referring to the first "real" intimate kiss, I had no time to be nervous.

    She was sitting on the back of my dirt bike, and when I turned to talk to her. SMACK.

    right on the lips. She got me good, and I loved it.

    • Haha... at least you were happy that she did it!!!!!

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  • I know I f***ing will be whenever It happens. If it ever happens. I'm 19 and still never had a actual date.

  • myself I wasnt nervous but I was always hoping that my breath wouldn't be bad when ever it happens but I guess some guys could be nervous if they think his lady is mighty fine


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