Girls dating guys old enough to be their fathers? is this creepy?


my friend has started dating this guy . he's in his 40's and she's only 20. I find this a bit creepy myself I was wondering what others thought. and if anyone's got any experience of this kind of relationship could you please share the pitfalls that go with it. so I can help advise my friend.

i would appreciate opinions from both sexes if possible.

one thing to think about is supposed is if you were a parent would you be happy letting your 20 year old daughter date a man in his 40's



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  • It's a product of what they look for in a mate. So if they're looking for someone with status markers and who has physical maturity, then it's their choice.

  • daddy issues anyone?

    • Well her parents did get divorced, she lived with her mum till they fell out and then she lived with her dad.

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