For the girls would you rather be protected or feel protected?

Would you rather date broke lesner or jet li)

assuming both have the other stuff you are looking for which would you date

1a guy that is average size or smaller but would most likely be able to protect you in any situation. regardless of things like how strong or big the guy is, how many there are, whether or not they have a weapon.

2a guy that most likely can't fight mutiple people and may be able to protect you. who is also big. this would all ufc fighters and all American professional fighters as far as I know, any ufc fighter would get torn to peices by person 1

  • I would date person 1
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  • I would date person 2
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  • Its depends how small person 1 is or how big person 2 is (if so please explain in a comment)
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  • Person 1 if he's at least average
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even you find a guy 2 who knew the best martial arts in the world his size would put him at a disadvantage. the biggest disadvantage is that since he's tall there's a much a higher the person will be out of his line of sight hich is a huge disadvantage
so really you can't have both


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  • for me there is no either or its BOTH! feeling protected is almost knowing that your guy can hold his own in a fight and that he will and can protect you at the smallest possblity that something could happen to his girl

    • In the us finding a guy that's intiminidating that doesn't fight like little girl is rare. also in hollywood being bigger is an advantage and lifting weights morphs your physiology. in reality when the other person knows what thier doing being bigger is adventage especially if your signifigantly bigger. although ther is a point where it become a disavantage (like if the other person is 3 feet tall) also in the real world lifting weights doesn't magicly change your physiology.

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  • both would be nice=)

  • Both. if I am protected then I would feel protected

    i would pick 2 because your situation you made in this question kinda sounds like a fantasy lol no offense but ufc fighters and boxers are gonna be able to whup ass. a regular guy w/o any training is not gonna be able to kick a muscular guy who knows how to fights ass so I'm rolling with him

    • Neither them are regular and person 1 has the best traing in the world. I am 5'8, fairly scrawny exept for certain area like my abs and traps, never had any training (I taught myself). if I was attacking you, you could find some 6'4 boxer or MMA fighter that didn't know good martial arts, all they would do is buy you time and person 1 would tear me to peices. although I'm not the perfect example because I am strong for my size. I didn't make a situation so I don't what you meant by that

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