Why doesn't he like me kissing him?

Me and my boyfriend been together for 6months already and we never kissed ill try to kiss him and he'll push me away . He'll let me kiss his cheek are forehead bout never his lips. Not even during sex . I talked to his ex girlfriend and she said they always kissed. I know I don't have bad breath I brush my teeth night and morning and all my exes kissed me with no problem couldn't be shy ? He so aggressive in bed..Why won't he let me kiss him what's the problem ?..Any answers?


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  • Ask him.

    • I can't just ask him things I wish it was that easy..

    • Hmm.. do you see yourself getting to that point? Where you can just ask him stuff..

  • So he won't let you kiss him in bed?Or anytime anywhere?

    Does he ever initiate?

    • Wow....really?That is weird girl...

      There is a slight chance he isn't confident about his kissing skills but if someone isn't confident about that then they won't be confident about their skills in bed.

      Have you tried talking to him?

    • He sensitive and I feel if I ask him he'll get mad and stop talking to me..but yea talking to him is somthing that'll have to do thanks for help;)

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