Can't get over summer fling

I met this guy over the summer and I really ended up liking him. The thing is from the get-go he was a bit of a free-spirit and that didn't really bother me because I was moving and he was leaving around August for the rest of the Summer.

I haven't heard from him since he left even though he took my email address. Although I did bump into him a couple days after he got back and the day before I left and he asked me to call him and keep in touch.

I am going back to the city this coming weekend and potentially may bump into him (we frequent the same clubs, small town). I called him a couple of days ago to meet up but I haven't heard from him yet. I don't have caller id or a message machine so he might have called when I wasn't here. If I don't hear from him or see him, should I call again this weekend? If I bump into him, how should I act if I hadn't heard from him yet?


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  • If you bump into him, don't make a big thing about it. Make it casaul like he is making it out to be. If you take it more serious then he then you are going to push him away like the free spirit he is. Give him one last call then let it be. It's his turn to chase you...if not definitely don't chase him. Let his free spririt settle down a little.


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