How do I become less introverted with a group of people?

So I'm such a fun person wen I'm hanging out with 2 or three friends and always have a good time but when I'm with a group of friends at a big social event like a school football game or party I'm always in the background and get uncomfortable. Why is this? Its like all my confidence and personality disappear. I would love some advice please help!


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  • I'm pretty much the same way.

    I suggest just going at it slowly. The more you do it the easier it'll get...I've found that's the same with speaking up in classes.

    After you stop hanging out with friends do you dwell on every little thing they say? If you don't then chances are they don't either...even with this mindset though it can still be hard. So I'd suggest just practicing, like speak up even just once. Hopefully it'll work and you'll get the hang of it.