Am I too weird? What is considered too weird?

So this guy I like said he wouldn't date me because I was "too out there". I know I am weird. I love being different. I enjoy singing a little to much (even though I am not a good singer lol). I like to randomly dance around. I also have made my homecoming dress out of duct tape. And I am VERY outgoing Do you think I am to weird? And what do you consider too weird?


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  • That guy is effing boring. He's a loser conformist who has no creativity and can't think for himself. Be glad you're not stuck dating someone like him.

    You're not weird, you're original. Would you rather be a mindless droid and join the sheeple? I think not, so be yourself and screw anyone who says you're "too" anything.


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  • OMG I'm the same way! (made my prom dress...but not out of duct tape)

    Anyway if this guy doesn't like you for the way you are then move on and find someone whos loves you for who you are.

    You should never have to change for anyone.