He says he "hopes to see me again soon" but hasn't set up any future dates. What's the deal?

So I met this guy who I think is absolutely amazing and we've already hung out twice and had a lot of fun with each other. Unfortunately, because of the distance thing (I live in the city, he lives 3 hours away from the city), I haven't seen him since and have just been flirting electronically..all of which I've initiated. He tells me in one of his return emails that he thinks I'm equally "amazing" and "hopes he can see me soon", but hasn't really set up any future dates. Since all of our electronic communications have been initiated by me, my friends (aka "relationship advisers") tell me that I should back off and wait for him to make the next move. My question is, fellas, should I just sit still and twiddle my thumbs hoping he will ask me on another date or just go for it and ask HIM on another date? OR does he not even think I'm worth it enough to go out of his way (drive 2-3 hours into the city) to see me? OR is he seeing someone else and just has me on the side? OR am I just overly thinking this situation? What's the deal, fellas?


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  • He's just busy.


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