So there's this guy?

Ive known this guy for almost a year, but we've never gotten together, and recently we've started hanging out a lot. the thing is that when we were hanging out alone OFTEN, I didn't like him back then and I distanced myself when I got the vibe from him that he wanted to take things to the next level we mostly hang out with other people, and I'm beginning to like him... but I'm not sure if he still likes me. I know he did before. I would like for something to happen between us, but I'm so nervous ... what if he doesn't like me anymore?


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  • if you were friends for a long time and he started to like you and you know for sure he liked you then make a move, make something happen. once you start to show him you like him it would be in his nature to come back to you because he once did like you. and id say if it was less than a month ago when you thought he stopped liking you then chances are he still likes you because for me it takes a long time to get over a girl I've liked and known for a long time


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