What do I say to her?

So I had a first date with a girl about a week ago and it went very well and we both want a second date. I had some good feelings about her for a few days after, but in the past couple days they’ve been diminishing to the point where I almost feel like I did before the first date- little to no feelings for her. We haven’t been able to do a second date cause she’s always busy, so that may be why. So what should I say? I know it’s not her fault she’s always busy with something but I can’t change that I’ve steadily been losing the feeling for her I had after the first date. I can tell she still really likes me though. Should I start seeing other people while I wait for her to have some time for me? Or should I just stop seeing her? Is there anything I could say to give her the hint I’m getting impatient without actually saying it? And yeah I realize it’s only been a week, that doesn’t change how I’m feeling though


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  • Seems like she is definitely playing games. Don't waste your time with her.


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