I fucked up with the girl of my dreams?

I got this girls number that I had a crush on in high school. We knew each other because of a class we had and I sat next to her well she works at this restaurant and me and my friends were eating there so I go up to her and start a conversation. It's all going good then I ran out of shit to say and had a panic attack because of the awkward silence then I blurted out nevermind and walked back to my friends table. I was so disappointed at myself that's never happened before with someone. It made my confidence look weak when really I was just super nervous because I really like her but Before we left though I said fuck it and just asked if she wanted to hang out sometime and she said yea and I got her number that way. I wait till the next day to text her and say hey well I get no reply so I wait another day or two then message her asking if this was her and I already knew it was the right number because of snapchat but she replied back no I think you have the wrong number. I really feel like she would be texting me if I didn't have a panic attack in the front of her and possibly creep her out. Does it sound like I blew it?


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  • Ok, damage control time. Women love honesty in men, and love when men are nervous because of them. They think it's cute and adorable. If she turns into a bitch because of this, then she IS a bitch and you don't want fuck-all from her anyway.

    So just message her again and tell her you messed up and freaked out last time you spoke to her and tell her you are sorry. Tell her you got really nervous and just locked up because of how beautiful she is and you really like her and you just couldn't believe you were really talking to her! Tell her the excitement just got the best of you and you didn't mean to appear rude or creepy to her. Tell her you really like her and would like to see her sometime if she is interested.


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