You meet his mother after date #1. Good or bad sign?

I have been chatting with a guy briefly every day for about 5 minutes a day. He called me one night after my friend "secretly" gave him my number. Then we went on our first date. He ended up having to stop at his mothers house for a second one our way out...and I met her. I didn't really talk to her much. Then date number 2 we went out for the day to an event and his mother came with us. She gave me the "interview"...with what my intentions were with her son, etc. Her and I got along great. Is this a good or bad sign when he is introducing me to her so quick? He is in 40s and I am in 30s.


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  • I'm secretly giving you my number... ###-###-####. Lose the zero, go with the hero and call me.

    • Huh?

    • OMG...thats kinda weird...I bet he is mommas boy and she is gonna be in your business all the time.RUUUUUUNNNNN!

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