What it feels like to be with someone who really wants you?

everyone i know including lots of girls, all assume i have a girlfriend and get mad when i say i dont thinking iam lying to them or trying to mess with them... but i dont, really dont.

i did try getting to know girls, a lot of girls, but it never worked out, they really like me physically and find me really good looking , even personality wise i've gotten compliments from women, so iam not lacking there, good hyiegine, smart, nice style... etc but i still have flaws, a lot of flaws that simply can't be controlled and not exactly my fault.

I kinda accepted the fact that the majority of girls are out of my reach and i can never actually be with one that i want who wants me as well , i dont know that feeling of being wanted by someone who wants me for real and i doubt i will ever meet anyone who feels like that about me...

i guess what iam asking is what it feels like?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well you can’t reach that until you are happy being by yourself. It isn’t all sunshine and roses like many make it out to be. It is hard work to make any relationship work. If you do that work though, it is amazing. You never wonder if you are enough. You feel a sense of fullness, being complete. But sometimes that same person frustrates you until you wonder if you will strangle them!


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  • I don't think you should assume that the majority of girls are out of reach or that you will never find a good match. I personally believe that there's a good match for almost everyone. It sometimes takes a while to find the right person but you just have to keep trying.

    As for what it feels like to be with someone who really wants you, I can say that for me it feels awesome. It really makes me feel special when she looks at me with adoring eyes and tells people how happy she is to be with me.

    I hope that some day you can feel that for yourself when you find the right person. Keep looking. Don't give up. When you find the right person it will have been worth the wait.


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