Why does this always happen to me?

So met up with a guy from tinder, he was such a gentleman paid for my dinner, held the door open, was respectful to the wait staff. He then later on told me that he would like to do this again, so we set up another time to go out. He said that was his second date ever. I sent him a text yesterday cause I didn't respond to it. And then I stopped responding cause I wanted to see what he would do. So far he hasn't texted me, should I wait for a few days to see if he texts me? Do you think he's not interested? Is he being respectful not sending a lot of texts at once? Like I said we have another date this coming Saturday


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  • Please stop being manipulative like "I stopped responding cause I wanted to see what he would do". No one, really no one likes this. Maybe he's respectful, maybe he's insecure because you didn't write to him. If you want to hear something from him, text him. He surely is interested in you, otherwise there would barely be a second date...

  • Your playing games, he probably senses that and will lose interest.

    “I stopped responding to see what he would do”

    That’s manipulative, childish and shows your not very mature.

    Good luck with failing dating.


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